Warutti, The Exclusive Jewelry

"Award Winning Thai Jewelry Designer"

        Award Winning Thai Jewelry Designer Warutti - winner of the prestigious Jewelry Design Identity of Andaman Award and 2nd runner up of design contest at the 48th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Show. Waruth Vasanajoti is renown for his uniqueness as a jeweler and artist.

        Warutti specializes in unique, exclusive and individule handmade jewelry creations. Inspired pieces combine the best of Thai, East Asian and Western artistic sensibilities with uncompromising handcrafted quality resulting in a singular statement.

        Creating jewelry is an art that Warutti practices much like traditional artists, from designing, selecting gemstones, and adding a passionate final touch to every single piece.

        The creative expression and unique creations of Warutti, showcase an amalgamation of vision and passion of an artist. Art of Warutti jewelry exhibits through life in a rich, bold and incomparable collections that make the epitome of style of wearers.